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Ok so recently I reread the full arcane lore and had one question at the end. HOW TF DID THE PEACEKEEPER GET SO DAMN OP. So near the end of the storyline the Peacekeeper(aka the player) defeats Durza and Reanimated Zeus with their own strength THEN RESHAPES THE PLANET. H O W. Durza had the absorption curse which allowed him to get numerous curses and all of all the magics and most of if not all of the mutations. He also had reanimated Zeus by his side yet the PK defeats both of them AND THEN RESHAPES THE WHOLE EARTH. Like is the PK just that op because they were sitting as ash for 800 years getting more and more magic energy? OP because it took insane training to unlock the 3 known minds at the time and mutate 2/3?(but how do you get more op than someone with multiple curses just by training? Like anime logic or…?) Or simply because the PK is just an omega chad.
What do you guys think/how would you explain it?

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Because their entire body was infused with magic from the magic pollution their atoms absorbed when they were ash floating on the sea for like 500+ years.

Even then I’m sure the whole terraforming thing took years for them to do.

See but I mean then shouldn’t we(PK) have been OP right from the start since we spent 800 years absorbing magic energy…
Like IK obviously PK won for plot convinence but it would be cool if there was an actual reason as to why PK actually won besides just being an omega chad…

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It’s because our actual physical bodies were super weak from being just put back together, we had to spend time training and growing our power; we just had way higher potential and scaling due to magic atoms.

There’s also the fact that we were originally a magic-less peasant in our life before being atomized.

I think it’s confirmed in the lore somewhere that the Peacekeeper was able to gain strength so quickly bc of the magic in the water from Durza’s attack (not joking it literally says that the player is essentially reanimated from Dead Revival Magic out of the water and onto Newground Island)…So the Peacekeeper actually has a tie to Durza in that respect, and the Peacekeeper also had connections to the magic in the water, magic which was from when Theos was a youngin (the Peacekeeper is also confirmed to have been from that time as well).

So with that out of the way, also consider that Theos was training the Peacekeeper & Theos also gave the Peacekeeper part of his armor…Additionally, the Peacekeeper would’ve been able to find the Legendary Weapons from AA. The Legendary Weapons are OP & we all know that. I think all of that, mixed with the ridiculous amount of time it would’ve taken the Peacekeeper to reach Durza in the first place, gives the Peacekeeper tons of time to become strong. This progression is exaggerated when the seas were designed to have progressively stronger enemies…

If Durza would’ve had Ramses kill off the player on Newground Island, then the player wouldn’t have had the time to train and catch up to his power. I think the Peacekeeper’s power is pretty justified. Especially since AFTER they killed Durza they acquired his Absorption Curse, allowing them to possess potentially all the powers required to create a new continent. Peacekeeper has also been around much longer than mostly everyone on Magius, so that inherently gives them more time to become powerful. The Peacekeeper is confirmed to be one of the Eleven Unknowns, so that helps to explain that.