Arcane Adventures x FNF Mod

waiting for AO to be finished has me bored, so i finished up a mod on stream that puts maple, forum artists, and aa webcomic characters into Friday night funkin, you can check it out here


Oooooh, Theos poppin’ off

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stop, you dont have to kill theos again :frcryin:


but i want funny lightning water combo

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Top 5 rappers Eminem was too afraid to diss

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I think i’m going to die from the cringe

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old man can’t catch a break

hell yea that’s the spirit

DRIP :nod:

I am certainly going to download it, it looks amazing and all, but… Technical notes/ questions (This is not negative criticism, just… Ask Tobi, I do this with eveyone whenever I notice anything): 1. So Angel’s place has been replaced by Maple in all the levels she was? And, 2. In the Youtube video where you showcased Week 5, at the minute 4:18 or 4:19, you can hear the sound of someone joning the Discord Voice chat. (Yes, I repayed that part many times to be certain that it was there.)

yeah i was streaming that, don’t know why bandicam picked up the discord call pings when it should’ve been only capturing the current game window sounds

I remember the stream, I was there for hours. Oh, and a third question, if you don’t mind. The characters next to the stage (In Week 5 again.), are supposed to be all from the comic, right? If so, then who’s the girl with the elf-ish ears and the armor? (Also, credits to you for replying so quickly.)

the three of these guys including the elf girl are characters from some good friends I’ve known for over 3-4 years and watched me grow as an artist, plus the blond child at the bottom there which is one of my characters

Oh, ok. Thank you. For some reason I thought the guy with the red shirt might have been Rupin… Idk why.

Theos gets into a rap battle against durza but gets fucking destroyed and never shows his face again.


Now we need You and Theos holding Mall Santa hostage