Arcane Arena Development Log

is there a discord server for this game…

1% :heheheha:

no should i make one

yes def



It always loops back to obsidian magic


obsidian could be a combination of magma and wind

seeing as how popular of a mutation idea obsidian is with you guys, I guess I’ll start creating a concept for it.

I assume it’ll be more offensively geared since obsidian is one of the sharpest substances on the planet

They should use obsidian in grenades lmao

probably not that effective considering obsidian is extremely brittle and common factors like moisture and air really easily weather down how sharp it can be, though as a magic it would be hella potent assuming you can make like, obsidian sandstorms n shit.

the whole point would be that its brittle, you just put a chunk in a grenade. since its inside the grenade it would be immune to atmospheric conditions and only exit the grenade when it goes DOIOIOIIOIOING

yeah an obsidian sandstorm would, to put it lightly,


obsidian will be a variant of glass

basic move idea:
Blast - The user shoots out a slow-moving obsidian projectile that explodes on impact dealing medium damage and releases sharp particles around. If the hit is direct, it inflicts heavy bleeding and has a high chance of inflicting limb loss (?) as well as the damage of both the blast and the particles.

So yeah, this may be a lil bit too op but it certainly looks fun.

welp nevermind then obsidian already exists

icl these are some of the best particles ive ever seen

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question: can artificial things exist as magics? like paper or ink or plastic/toys

“Duck Blast!”
“Duck wha-”
(A faint quack could be heard as the rubber duck slammed directly into the casters face)

wood is artificial