Arcane intergalactic creative roadblock

So uh, basically I ran out of plot idea for arcane intergalactic and I’m gonna discontinue the series.

I’m making something new tho, @MehtisjeMattie and @Cryonical should know what I’m talking about.

I’m making it as like a graphic comic thingy too.


Also I’m gonna use forumer OCS and roblox characters representing humans so if you want I might include yours.

I had a series made many months ago but I discontinued it since I also ran out of ideas plus we didn’t really know anything of AO at the time it was made compared to now.

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Fnag Cameo

Bottom Text

Ah yes, F n a g


Well I might start drawing it soon, the way the comics are written isn’t really serious it’s more of a comedic take on the apocalypse with a subtle lore and story, you’ll see what I mean when I actually draw it.

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Also Fang’s personality and other attributes are on a trello you can find on my profile, but it’s unfinished


seems cool