Arcane Magazine vol 4 & 5

This time on Arcane Magazine, the Quartermasters from the Bronze Sea give aspiring Captains tips and tricks to make sailing a breeze! From foraging to fighting the law, you’ll be equipped with all the latest in sailing trends to make you the Truest Captain you can be!

Full covers

Up next : Ravenna Royalty + A Protector From Afar.


dope :fire:

more magazines, nice.

Navy Exile Spills the Tea!
Page 16
“Commodore Kai is French”

Okay so Kenton teaches people how to clean guns and escape prison and Enizor is walter white


They’re the dream team, are they not


“How to brew meth 101”

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i really like these magazine covers please keep cooking

Enizor, we need to brew :mariomug:

Best partners-in-crime

One breaks you out of prison, the other sells drugs to the guards to keep em busy

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I love these little magazine covers you’re pushing out! Keep up the good work!

all of that for only 5 galleons?
that’s such a good deal!


Would read

how long i need to read the next

Would. Just would.

This is a desperate cry for help. I’m turning into one of them, and there’s nothing I can do about it. Please help me. I don’t want this to happen. I don’t want to become this hated, dreaded thing. Yet slowly I feel myself approaching the brink. If it is indeed too late for me, I beg that you all not follow in my footsteps. Do not degenerate like I have. There is no light at the end of this tunnel. There are no maidens, no gentlemen, naught but loneliness.

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