Arcane Nostalgia: Averill (kinda not yet finished)


give him 150,000-1,500,000 bounty to be lore accurate (1 galleon is 100-1000 lamina depending on its current worth)

get that shirt off and start lifting boy

No shirtless shirt :frpensive:

why live when no half naked light man in AO :frpensive:

The Shining King is gate keeping his drip :pensive:
(Sunken Warrior chest plate is the closest to the gauntlets)

I love how lamina is just mega inflated and worthless, meanwhile galleons are an actually stable currency.

You’d expect it to be the other way around

peacekeeper going to the War Seas trying to buy a brig, then the shipwright tells him “are you a galleon counterfeiter?” when he tries to pay with lamina thinking it’s cheap

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