Arcane Oditties

For all you Arcane Oddysey players out there, i have a question.

How is it you remember the exact enchantment of each scroll just by the colour? is just because youve played the game so long or just used them so much u know them off by heart.

Im full of jealousy when a guys like " offering these scrolls" and it just a coloured piece of parchment and someone proceeds to say “Ill take one sturdy scroll, please!”.

My brain and heart are full of envy when i see this and i would like to learn your power :pray:

Nolife the game

i havent seen nature in weeks

just play the game
u don’t even gotta no life i knew by the time i finished my very first build

  1. why is the thread name arcane oditties? has nothing to do with the thing being discussed and is already used in the arcane oddities/woments thread
  2. you misspelled oddities

it’s all the same color for each stat, for example orange is power, green is attack size, blue is attack speed… it’s all the same color as the stat picture. Exotic scrolls have a red background so that’s easy to tell

The only ones you can’t tell right away are Toughened (Fishing Rod strength) and Reinforced (Shield / Hull Armor), since they have the same colors.

you just naturally remember, you don’t even have to no-life

they just line up with the stat colours. though i do sometimes mistake lucky for bursting

nah i never knew that thats cray cray. thats so helpful thanks

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