Arcane Odyssey Ban Appeal

isnt there any way to get unbanned from the discord

accientally sent a fucking nsfw gif (i instantly deleted it) and got banned for that

Get a friend to make a ticket if you want to appeal

Nevermind you’re on no-appeal.

If you got perma muted it means you broke the rules before

Not necessarily, you can be banned from any amount of points.

dawg why did you even have that saved

the bait is evolving

what even is a point ?

Basically each time a mod catches you breaking a rule you earn one ban point, with the punishment increasing till perma mute

i had none bru i got banned 10 mins after sending the GIF (that i deleted instantly)

Even if you delete it it still counts as rule violation, and if you get perma muted it means the gif was way too explicit