Arcane Odyssey but if it was realistic

It’s just the normal story but Shura fucking kills you
Because it’s fucking acid jesus christ

The end

we have a gun, that mf doesnt not have the reaction time to dodge a golf-ball sized projectile

:nerd_face: Um akshully he can’t control actual acid, just magic energy in the form of acid, so it’s effects wouldn’t be as detrimental to the player.

Ok fine instead when his acid magic went in the water it fucked up your sailboat, and he fully charged up a blast to kill you while you were swimming to shore

With the combined damage from ‘holy shit fuck there’s acid in the water shit fuck I’m fucking dying’

why would he kill you while you were swimming to shore

im pretty sure he only attacks you after you talk to him and dont leave

just execute shura with a gun

nah bro you would die from waves going to redwake first

No he doesn’t even ask you to leave he just says that you shouldn’t have came and Acid Blasts you

Shoots shura with a gun he becomes a weeb and splits the bullet it with his katana