Arcane Odyssey EasterEgg event "leaks roblox"

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Ship lanterns is underwhelming ngl


what did you expect for a seasonal event

good point… but i wasnt expecting ship parts

Seasonal ship item huh? Wonder what they’re value would be. Valkyrie helm certainly will be worth a pretty penny, not headless, but value. Definitely worth more then regular seasonal I wager, as each player can only get one per file.

Ship Lanterns? I don’t mind, but it’s surprising we’re getting a seasonal ship item.

why is anybody surprised that there’s going to be a ship item event reward?
If anything I’m surprised it isn’t sails.

Damn, you should get a pair of bunny ears or a big bunny suit instead. Like cosplaying as a murderous serial killer in a fur suit is fun doe.


how do you get the items?

please tell me vetex has a fix for getting multiple seasonal items like headlesses on 1 account

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Woah if we are getting ship lanterns now couldn’t that suggest a
Sail-less Sail in the future

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A full seasonal suits, sail’s color and a special paint for ship. :sob:

Why is everyone complaining we get Easter egg lanterns? The main item is the Valkyrie that’s just a bonus nothing to complain about

Why would you need a fix for that? If it’s on different files and someone does the requirements 2 times there’s no reason they shouldn’t get 2

An item that will be eventually as valuable as ancient and lost magics being easily obtainable in (I’m gonna assume 1-2 hours), with the ability to get it several times over. Yea man I see 0 problem with that.

Well if it’s that easy to obtain people will just use alt accounts+the Easter seasonal won’t be worth ancient magics. Not anywhere near that. It won’t ever compare to headless

No dude, its called inflation - the more items, the lower their price.

expected gpo tier shit where it’s full on weapons you won’t be able to get anymore after that other than trading.

It will never be worth a lancient, headless was an outlier

Wether it’s ship parts or not at least it’s a seasonal item.