Arcane odyssey logic

what illogical things you can find

I thought of this: when you drink seawater bottles you get -5 hunger, but when you drink from the ocean you don’t lose air or hunger


You do in fact loose air while drinking underwater

I meant like when ur full of water you still have air left

…? You don’t drink water in your lungs

I mean like you should lose all ur air then

How weak areas of the world can even exist. Like, if Ravenna is weak enough for their whole army and king to be man-handled by an amnesiac and an emo, how the hell has no other kingdom just steamrolled them yet? Sure, Ravenna is at like the northernmost point in the war seas, but surely someone like Wotan has thought ‘Hey, I should go disintegrate Ravenna today, it’s my birthday afterall’ at some point or something. I still don’t get how they were able to get a treaty between Sameria and Keraxe to be signed in the first place anyway.



Its okay, optie’s just dumb like that

But when someone’s dumb, you can normally understand their mistake, here I can’t seem to grasp his chain of thoughts.

Bc he’s dumb enough to say smth that doesn’t make sense, and then believe it himself!

“Please help me… I’ve been stranded out here for days! I’ll give you anything if you take me to shore :sob:


thats literally every third castaway i see

also lost cargo 2 feet away from port:

here’s my one:
the MC doesnt remember things that happened few hours ago (or about 2 days)
yet we know the name of every single criminal, hero, ships and etc

also we need spell scrolls for spells other people have but we can just unlock ones we’ve supposedly never used before

why does drawback turn your limbs into tomato sauce?
nobody knows

how does artificial defense (defense stat) straight up empowers one’s vitality (base health)?

no it doesn’t
it doesn’t change anything about your base health
it just adds more health so dying takes longer

that’s because their probably like Cetus from Centaura’s universe except the navy actually matters in this world. Their navy is probably cracked but because of that their army is lacking in both men and training.

Honestly kinda true. They did mobilize like what, 3 or 4 Ketches and a few Caravels to chase us within like 5 minutes of their king dying. Scale that up to prepping for an invasion and yeah i can see why they haven’t been taken over yet.

That’s not to say that one really powerful guy couldn’t just wipe them off the face of the globe if he was having a bad day, however, just that it would be difficult for a nation to take them over through conventional means.