Arcane Odyssey Lookalikes

Here are some lookalikes that… look alike…???

I have no idea how to explain but these are some ao characters and their lookalikes.

If Carina had fire magic and was a mage this would’ve been a coincidence

Idk why but they look alike to me :sob:

He looks like a wizard grandpa (Thanks to sock)


Bro needs to be in the assassin syndicate (thanks to the grey ghost)

Please suggest more lookalikes! PLEASE!! :pray:


just needs a longer beard and it’s perfect

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obvious, but still

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There’s like three one piece-like characters but I’m too lazy to find em

isnt his post-dark sea literally supposed to reference how Gandalf went from grey to white clothing?

Am I the only one who has no idea who this is?

Player-character from Assassin’s Creed

Ohh, makes sense, since I’ve never played that.

The assassins in each game have different names i think

If you spared her she’ll come back as an inferno lightning mage

They both have the last name Drake so there’s that.

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Love that