Arcane Odyssey Lore: The Truth Vetex hid from you

I’ve done it. I’ve compiled all the easter eggs, all the data now its time. The complete story of Arcane Odyssey.

It all started in 1950. Not our 1950, but 1950 nonetheless. An enthusiastic scientist called “Arcane Odyssey” was working hard in his lab synthesising an almost mythical material called “Arcanium” He had almost given up. Him entering the lab was almost a joke, he didn’t actually expect for it to work. And that’s exactly when it did. Arcanium was created. It floated mid air, the glass jar it was contained in shattered, pulsating. Arcane yelled at his co worker “STAND BEHIND ME, I WILL PROTECT YOU!” It was no use. the arcanium oozed all over the place. At the same time local menace Calvus “King” Wheezer happened to be vandalising the scene at the time when he saw the devastation happening on the inside. Despite being a delinquent he had to help them. He rushed in but “arcane odyssey yelled to stay back!” It was no use. Calvus had morbed with the raw arcanium. The first mage was born. He wanted to do something, and he did, though not as he expected. A mysterious light emanating from his very soul. It blasted arcane and the scientists back he cried out “Im bouta blo-”. 1950 Earth was gone forever.

The year is 1,329,231,120 frames per second.
The world had become completely annihilated to its core havelon strings. though this was long ago. People had adapted to the new world. arcanium ore spread the land, and more interesting a monk called “skibidious grass toucher” claimed to possess a strange ability which was to somewhat harness the unknown force of the gods. magic. Skeptics looked towards this “false idol” in fear and shock as like magic, light emanating from him. This would be man’s discovery into magic. Some dumbass somewhere ingested 500 pounds of arcanium and everytime he coughed in pain, a circle appeared that caused a fiery blast to appear. This is when the magic circles were invented. Mages would ingest arcanium in the ancient times to create them, however now, they use funny hand gestures and yell out stupid things like “EXPLOSION EXPLOSION!” that makes them look really stupid.

Many wars were fought and won with this newfound power, countries invaded and before long, like the invention of the cannon, it became commonplace. Mages were found all over the world. There was also alchemy, where people noted the ability of the placebo effect. “Trust me bro, just give me 400 galleons and i promise it will hit harder.” for a minute there was a golden age.

Not so local menace Bleeb Bloob from a rival starsystem decided to pull a prank on humanity. Seeing a quiet kid who was unable to perform magic, the jackass dropped a glowing purple ghost cube in his backyard, to his surprise The kid fell in love and attempted to start a relationship. Annoyed at how the cube was too hard to get and ignored every attempt of contact, the boy could not resist and touched the cube. His hand faded through. The cube felt violated and did the most logical thing but to fucking explode. The kid assumed it was his doing and felt decently strong enough to enslave the whole world. Literally the next day he got robbed by magical bandits. The voices took over and his alter ego kicked in, he sucked off the bandits ability to perform light magic permanently. Good for him right? no he’s a jackass too and steals everyones magic.

Bleeb Bloob was working when pulling this stunt suddenly his boss approached him. He quickly presses alt and f4 in order to close the earth, sending 1 billion arcanium nukes to the planet in order to make it seem barren. It doesn’t work. The world is destroyed, split into islands and so on, but the magic from the nukes keeps the water liquid and the people alive, basically he just broke all the things people made and polluted the planet. He was promptly fired the next day.

“-ow” Calvus had fallen from the sky into a primitive broken world where people had a strange obsession with a “precious” metal called copper. Back then it was as rare as gold. Calvus was cunning, he came from a time where he had knowledge of the future, that paired with his middle name, his cool ass gang called the order of aesir and the fact he magically appeared in a powerful blast led people to believe he was a god. They quickly replaced an old dead king they assumed to be his grandfather and elected him as the next king. Calvus was too afraid to reveal he was a teenager (the people were primitive and tribe-like) so he just played along, showing the people how to mine copper.

Some moron woke up on an island and killed like half the people in his gang and killed him in like 3 tries so it doesn’t matter anyways. Before king calvus’s demise on may 23 2023 he said on his deathbed “it sure was an arcane odyssey.”

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its real

i read allat

how do u feel now

This is truly an Arcane Odyssey


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is the photo of the dude kicking a crocodile an integral part of the story

Ong im not readin allat

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u gotta do it bro… its vital

absolute masterclass in storytelling

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There is No INBETWEEN.

I feel like if I read this entire thing I will become incapacitated for the rest of the day, which would disappoint my friends.

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Side effects include increase in muscle mass and in some rare cases dizziness. Oh and game theory agents may escort you to hell

scientology type of post

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