Arcane Odyssey Name Implications

The word odyssey comes from the Greek legend of Odysseus, who was forced to fight in the Trojan War, and, like foretold, would not return for 20 years.

where Mount Olympus fell
Another game using the word odyssey in it’s name is:
What does this imply to me? We’re gonna be doing something involved with the oldest parts of the lore. The stuff about Greek gods. Then again, they’re all dead. Yes, even Poseidon. But that might’ve been changed.

Or it could just mean we’re going on a long journey. We’ll see.

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i like where this is going

but yeah, thinking about the greeks and whatnot, odyssey would make sense

(also, in my heart i harbor a fondness for the badass Spartans. a good ol boomf aaand, your’re dead )

Let’s just fuck around with the Titans and Primevals. Nyx, Chaos, Gaea/Gaia let’s partyyyy

I read a bit about Odysseus’ story after this, and wow, it’s long.
If the storyline and lore for AO is similar to Odysseus’ story, I kinda feel bad for our character who may end up crash landing some random island every single time and gets dragged into the stuff that’s going on there, lol
One thing I find interesting in the lore there is how during the travels, Odysseus had to go through the Underworld, and remember, Hades ain’t dead yet in this timeline, if the lore still remains unchanged. (I could see the lore still remaining unchanged even with the addition of this new storyline. There’s a lot that happens before Peacekeeper kills Hades and what comes after-)

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and all that shit happened because paris couldn’t keep it in his pants

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It’s all Aphrodite’s fault.

Yeah!!! I love Greek Mythology :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Maybe, but in the doc lore, the PK just finds hades and kills him simple.

There’s actually seemingly a lot left out in that doc. Remember, its just some summary of what happened in terms of lore. Plus, if AO takes place after Hades has been killed, it would’ve been stated that it was after PK killed Hades, not just Durza. Since it only says Durza, that to me implys he’s still alive. Plus, it’s just one month. We also don’t know how PK found out that Hades controlled Durza, so that could be explained.

Defeating and killing, is too different thing, when hades were killed durza was killed but if he was never killed durza would of just stayed as defeated. and only when hades was killed the absorption curse were free, indicating durza didn’t actually die after hades death. So hades is dead in AO lore

You need to KILL for a curse to be freed, not defeat.

which is what I explained .-.

Watch the story line usher in a new age of gods.

When Zeus got the no horni bonk alternative universe

wouldnt it being near mount Olympus implicate far more natural magic then in arcane adventures seven seas, also wouldnt that also mean no curses have been destroyed yet and peacekeeper dosnt even have the absorption curse?

but hades didnt have the absorption curse he just fiddled with stuff and made it so duza was very strong and evil

It’s all hornys fault.

Yeah, but absorption curse didn’t get release when durza defeated it only released when hades died

dosnt say anything about that in the lore, also it says a month after defeating duza not hades and if u read the years he fights hades 1 year after duza in the age of migration (he also gets the absorption curse in the age of migration)

Personally I took this at face value. Odyssey just means long journey. Our character can be on a long journey of some kind. I do want this to be entangled with Greek lore though. Maybe we end up going to the underworld at one point? Maybe we fight a cyclops? Who knows, I’m excited none the less.