Arcane Odyssey Oc

Here’s my first Oc, welcome Aisha Maximinius!

Character Reference

Extra Comics;


i actually once waited on an island holding my 2 ds chests for like an hour waiting for my brother to come then we sunk because his broke ass didnt have a brig :skull:

I didn’t say this in your first post, but I like your style. (Especially for this one)

No way, earth enjoyer! And a savant too! An exotic gem, a tough soul, truly a distinguished individual.
Aisha looks a lot older and more mature compared to lot of the female characters I have seen on this server so far. She radiates this big sis vibe It’s as if she has a lot of experience in sailing. She knows the logistic behind the ship and the culture surrounding it.
Her portrait looks like she is staring into the viewer with a bored expression. It seems like she is tired of having to take in another apprentice yet she doesn’t really mind as she believes it’s her duty to train the next generation of sailors.
Overall, beautiful and interesting OC.


sheeesshh your art is nice

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She’s got the looks, the drip, the funny… She’s perfect! :pray: :sob: