Arcane Odyssey Patreon

Should patreon leaks be allowed here or should they only stay on patreon instead?


aight got it

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I am in agony canon fist showcase and lightning aura ASWELL as a boss cutscene horrible time to not have a credit card :frcryin:

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steal ur mums (joke as only i am going to do that)

If I was financially stable, I would definitely sign up for this, Vetex deserves more money for his work, but I wouldn’t look at the leaks posted there because I want to go into this game as blind as possible.

Nonetheless, Vetex opening a Patreon is a huge milestone.


I really want to buy the patreon but i’m unsure if my parents will allow it even if its $5 a month.

I’ll try and ask them but I can’t be 100% certain they’ll agree

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im going to sub just because
why not
even if there werent leaks i would
even if there were no positives
but just because t2 gives cool looking color and star in vetcord i am going t2 probably


My dad said maybe tomorrow, so at least he’s considering letting me do it

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imagine not being a patreon supporter :sunglasses:

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Same,the leaks I see are already enough for me so I won’t be getting the Pateron.
But good for Vetex for making it,I’m sure there’s lots of people that wanna support him.

There’s currently 31 which is awesome

solution this for now maybe

I understand thst, but if it’s him just showing off some things about the game then I’m all for it, but I don’t wanna know anything about the story

theres nothing about story

Bros capping :skull:

theres a patreon?

There is now

damn time to pull out my card

sand magic is now on the patreon