Arcane Odyssey Performance Issues are Unacceptable

Okay obviously this discussion has been done to death, but I just wanted to add my two cents to the topic.

So, yes, everyone knows the performance issues in Arcane Odyssey are horrendous, but the worst part is how it’s (in my opinion) much, MUCH worse than WoM [World of Magic]. Most of the game works out fine, but when it lags, it REALLY lags. I’m talking under ten frames at times. The game is planned to go up to around level 1k (700 or so story levels from what I’ve read). If we aren’t even 1/5th (currently 1/8th of 1k) of our potential size/power and we are already having problems, what are we going to do at those higher levels?

In my opinion, solving the performance issues early is the only way the game can maintain its potential longevity. I know the game is in early access but:

  1. That doesn’t make the game immune to criticism

  2. This should not be THIS BIG a problem, lag spikes should be a minor, uncommon occurrence, and

  3. An early access with performance issues at this level doesn’t make a good impression

Although we are all very excited for features such as diving spots, potions, gem sockets, etc, we need to think about how much happier we would be without these levels of performace issues, and I believe it is more important to improve this before adding something new. Remember, Quality > Quantity. Existing things should be improved.

Hopefully, this topic doesn’t trigger people, (please WarmWater don’t smite me) and instead brings us together in union to agree that…

Arcane Odyssey Performance Issues are Unacceptable!

Edit1: I changed most instances of lag to performance issues (credits to Waping for letting me know)


lag mostly comes from memory leaks which vetex is attempting to fix (if he cant fix it hes just gonna replace it with an auto shutdown feature). lag is really bad in old servers but pretty miniscule in newer ones

Yuck, and don’t get me even started with times the textures become blurry, ships won’t turn until I jump out and re-enter, button input latency, and at the Eternal Mines (a few hours before I deleted my file because I regret ever putting anything in Magic), I experienced a few softlocks until the game finally allowed me to continue.

you know i used to think ao was pretty well optimized
then an explosion mage casted an ultimate art

All of these are much to prevelant, especially button latency, hate that

Problem is old servers are much too common, and no one wants to sift through tons of servers to find a good one

thats why hes trying to fix memory leaks and if he cant theres gonna be an autoshutdown feature

Yeah I know, and completely agree that this should be done, so that’s why I believe that this should be highest priority (even before newer features). Feel free to disagree, just a personal sentiment

god im tired of people calling performance issues “lag”
thats not even advanced knowledge or whatever, everyone and their mother knows lag is latency

people like using lag for as a general term that encompasses performance issues and ping (latency) (i used to hate this too)

My bad, sorry about that

Edit: I think I fixed it

What lag?
I’m using a chromebook and am below 100 ping.

yeah imo just add an auto shutdown feature smack a server age timer on top of the screen and add a warning when its like 5 mins before shutdown then work on memory leaks and people will be happy

op meant performance issues (fps)

anyway, theres been some patches to solve performance issues but they’ll release with the rest of the first update
never bothered to check if they changed much, but the test universe always has new servers so its hard to compare. old servers seem to be the main cause of this problem

Hopefully the patches actually do change something, because at the moment the meta isn’t what is strongest, but rather what can destroy your opponents PC the fastest lol.

If not we fall back on auto-shutdowns, which aren’t the most ideal thing but work nonetheless

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