Arcane odyssey slander

grand navy discord server in reinforcement channel every single day.

It doesn’t have to be offensive to be funny now this, this is just not funny

Haters gonna hate

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gives valid reason

Haters gonna hate

Hes hiding in his shell spamming the same obnoxious bs


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Or I’m just not taking your bait :man_shrugging:

Conjurers losing to berserker be like :joy:

Is he hitting him or is the dude dodging I cant tell

ngl those hits do not look like they hurt until the end where he does the punch.

everything before that looks like he’s tickling him

he’s getting his ass kicked lmao

berserker is prob the worst class
(conjuror sucks too but still)

bruh I wanna draw Iris in this picture so bad LMAO :skull:

how cannonball users think they look like

how they actually look like


“berserkers are the worst class”

kid named juggernaut:

the juggernaut in question:

absolutely clownery

Calvus in phase 2

Just played berserker, it’s defo not bad as long as you’re not using sailor fist or cannon fist