Arcane Odyssey Theme Thumbnail

I would first like to give credit to LawnReality, whose music will be AO new theme. Their channel, original video, and Polar’s video will be linked below in the second reply.

After hearing the new Title Screen Theme, I rushed last night to get this done. Morden has not been revealed yet, but this is my interpretation just being inspired by the theme.



Thank you again LawnReality for your wonderful work. If any of you have time, check out their channel.

LawnReality’s Channel
Original Video
Polar’s Video


Oop- it’s LawnReality, but this is so good, I really want to make my own version (or I was gonna make this a smol collab of our characters waking up anew)

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very nice. hope to see more art like this from other artists

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Thank you so much for fixing that :rofl: somehow I missed the “w” even aftering emailing them

@SpiritOfGonb thank you

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o lmao, you actually missed the ‘n’ but it’s still funny

… I also noticed that. What is wrong with me

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Nice art, also I imagine morden as more of a dickhead

I love how when ever Vetex makes an update, artist tend to make like 50 gorgeous thumbnails but he never uses them.

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absolutely delicious

and yes i say that only for every piece of art that is beautiful

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:frcryin: truth

Yep, my bets is on green eyes let’s gooo

@arifatdbz Hmm that would be interesting ngl
@LonesomeWolf After like 6 plus fan thumbnails :cry: though about 3 were only good imo
@game Thank you :smile:

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Oh wow this looks really good!

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Looks amazing! I’m thinking of making something to commemorate TGR as well but right now I’m leaning more towards a short story than a drawing.

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Ouu I’m looking forward to reading that!

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bruh that’s so lit…

and beautiful (especially as i listen to HTTYD music)

ill listen to the new theme soon

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New theme is pog and thank you so much!


Yooo sorry for this super shameless plug but I’ve finished my written commemoration of TGR!