Arcane Odyssey will not come out this year (2020)



I hope this happens

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Lol remember when we thought it would come out this early? haha those were good times.

lmao ez

Changed title because of bump

“It’s gonna be like 3+ months”

6 months later

It’ll probably be in October.

i have my eyes on early-mid 2022

Dunno what’s wrong with you but that’s way too long lol

so was late 2021 back when tgr was announced…

I doubt it’ll go into LATE 2022, it’s possible for early 2022, but definitely not late, but I’m going to assume the game will release within October - December

How’s ur new pc

that aged really nicely

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well, maybe not even 6

Alright, when the game reached 50%, it took like 8 months or something
but it’ll take another 8 months, but vetex is working faster than normal
so you like idk, subtract 25%.

but on the last few percents, I believed it was working slower.

There should be about +4 months until arcane odyssey comes out

bruh that necrobumb

The reason it took 8 months for 50% to be done was because of multiple things first off he was altering many of the games features and building back up from the bottom, stuff like climbing. Then he also worked on revamping magics that took 1 1/2 months right there. He was also working on stuff like the cutscene modules the boat system that he made and reckoned. He remade the ui then revamped it again. He added dialogue stats. He also had to work on the wind system and the boat stats and all the animations and stuff for those. Tbh tho the only difficult thing left on the list is the stat points/skill points. The fighting style template and the weapons revamp. All of the other things are easy for vetex

All of these items took a very short amount of time to complete.

This will probably take multiple months

These will also take a long time

I think we are either half way done, or just under half way done.

Vetex: The one existing dev on roblox who isn’t braindead and gives fake release dates.

i mean… tgr was supposed to take 3 months