Arcane Odyssey will not come out this year (2020)


I thought it’s coming late Jan.

my bet is on late feb or march december was not gonna happen jan was a bit optimistic ngl

He still works pretty quickly for a solo dev, gotta give him that


I based it off the rate that he was working. (In terms of hitting the check marks).
Along with where I thought he would be a bit “stuck.”

same here i still think it’ll be the jan march range but it all depends on the rate it’s going along and how long smth might take to be implemented

awww… :frowning: I was looking SOOO FOWARD TO IT.


This reminds me of Cyberpunk 2077 back around 2015

Arcane odyssey for 2023?

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Arcane Odyssey for 2027 is better
and the new Roblox engine power and graphic is :ok_hand:


You actual LEGEND

I might not even be there to play the game because of university, unless I find my way.

why is

is this actually good

well, maybe not even 3 image

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…I mean, is anyone surprised to hear that AO won’t come out in December? Anyone?

Not rlly, actually kinda glad it’s coming a bit later. I’m getting a new pc in march.

if anyone thought it was coming out in December then they clearly arent up to date with the forums or trello in any way shape or form. I still think it will come out before april tho

I feel like it will be released easy some months after quarantine is over.

Quarantine has nothing to do with this, developing AO is his literal job, he works from home. Corona ending is not going to effect his work, it will not make it faster or slower