Arcane Remnants

We are the Arcane Remnants, at one point we were known as the Arcane Government but times have changed. The Magic Council took over when we fell from grace so long ago and we became nothing more than a memory, but now we have returned to take back our rightful place as the rulers of this land, under a new flag and leadership we shall obtain victory.
Death to the Magic Council!

Discord Server:

Requirements: Neutral or worse rep, good communication skills, decent combat skills.


no thank you im good

Also known as Arcane Reborn

edgelord guild no.72626363638282837464648282826




yeah decent gg ez

yeah uh no

If you plan to attempt a takedown to the MC with the aforementioned PvP talent you have, then you should turn paths

TL;DR: skill issue :nod:

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did this dude do something in the community that idk about, or is it just retards like mirag saying a bunch of shit to some dude who just wants to enjoy himself in a game, if u dont wanna join then dont click on this topic, and definitely dont reply, so now, i will speak the words of the ancient ones: “stfu xd”

no fuck you troll

even I, a not great PvP fighter, have at least more than 100 player kills

low for some but i can’t do much with shitty specs and not great skills

a guild based as the remaining of the AG? no thank you, have fun taking the lore and throwing it out of the window

the AG vanished. every AG is gone. their leader valencia too.

proof that no people survived it, also just let this dude do his lore, as long as he doesnt make robin503 level shit

you have no rights disrespecting our god robin clown :clown_face:

Gotta love when someone tries to create a guild with nice lore and everyone has to take it literally and calling him “skill issue” lmfao, ironic cause you aint shit either


Nothing about this guild is edgy but ok :joy: killing MC isnt edgy its a part of the game

its the logo which makes it look edgy

black logo = edgy?? Lmfao bruhh man is gonna classify anything with black in it as edgy bruh

:nod: :nod: