Arcanium armor or armor with magic casted on it

Have you ever thought why Sunken set and Theos’s armor got special magic effects and can we get something like that?

Idk about theos’s armor being arcanium but sunken i’m pretty sure is arcanium

Well, its name on wiki is - Sunken IRON Set, but maybe its just an error, but anyway, I want to cast my magic on my armor.

Wait wasn’t it theos’s staff glowing not the armor?

the armor did glow too

Armor too, cuz his gift (his pauldron) was glowing too.

arcanium armour sounds sick, i wanna be covered in ice

my theory is it works the same as arcanium is just magic pollution + steel
so instead of iron + carbon we just have iron

I think its would be great to add arcanium armor at the same time as gems socketing.

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