Arcanium cannons

how do i use magic from arcanium cannons?

they should just automatically use magic whenever fired, tho i’m not sure what happens if you aren’t using a magic build

im conjurer, I have no clue why it wont use any magic

do you mean it doesn’t use your energy bar or that it has no magic effects on the cannonballs? what magic do you use?

I use magma, there are no magic effects on the cannonballs, it doesnt use from magic storage or my magic bar

did you redock your ship by talking to a shipwright once you put the cannons on?


do I need to like imbue it or something?

no, i’m able to do it with mage so conjurer should work

idk then, I have a magma ram that works completely fine but my friend gave me thesze arcanium cannons and they do nothing special

does your friend use a magic build? if they don’t then arcanium cannons might not’ve been assigned a magic