Archana - Urban Fantasy Roleplay [Accepting]

NOTE: This does not follow the Arcane Universe at all, this has it’s own rules and worldbuilding

A group of recruits for the Monster Elimination Service goes on a simple capture mission, but as the mission goes south, they quickly realize they are fighting much more than a rabid animal. As the mission wraps up, the group is dragged into a deep rabbit hole of cult hunting and conspiracies that could end in the end of the world.

Quick Rules:

  1. Don’t be a marry sue, everyone in the party should start at around equal power level.
  2. Don’t be an asshole, everyone is here to have fun
  3. You need permission to kill and cripple other player characters
  4. Have fun or die

I am not an expert game master, so I may make mistakes and retcon things so be prepared for that.
Join and read the lore doc here:

Also you should make character tuppers with the tupperbox bot in order to make roleplay more coherant. It’s essentially a bot that tells you which character is doing what, you should be able to figure it out, but feel free to ask any other members for help.

we are cooler then robitch

What’s the point?


I don’t get the appeal. I play DnD, but beause I play it with friends whom I already know, and I’m playing campaigns where I get actively challenged by the DM, there something for me to do. Outside of that, it’s actually a game, there’re factors based on luck and stats that can’t be decided on the whim however you like, it’s part of the appeal.

This is like the imaginary game on crack, there’s nothing to do once the initial hype of making your character dies down

honestly the rules and combat of dnd are really the least fun part for me
if you want stratgey and all that just play a video game
I understand some people perfer combat, but how I see it, I’m here to experience teh dms story and world, not play a glorified video game

if you dont want to join thats fine

That’s why I asked, there’s nothing to do. From what I can see, best case scenario is someone joining the roleplay, write something about their character, contributes a little, then completely forgets about it the next day.

They aren’t playing, they aren’t strategizing, they aren’t doing anything at all, the most that they can do is say “my character is cool” which has no sense of accomplishment to it, causing a lack of attachment to their character, and makes the entire thing get boring, fast

I want play

wait till he hears robitch odyssey has been going for 2 years

I joined


still accepting if anyone wants to join
another ad will be posted later once we reach plot points

yes but robobitch is cool

fair enough

I might join. I’ll need easy access to discord first

shell should just be a dragon if they’re in

We do got dragons
They are essentially extinct but their there

can you define “roleplay” for me, cause like, it sounds interesting to me but honestly i have no idea what im supposed to do

do i just, create a character → join a game → type out an action ( and maybe say general stuffs ) or do i have to like, actually creating dialogue as well ?

cause im very bad at that

the discord link is invalid btw

you will have to do dialouge and write out actions
don’t worry about dialogue too much, you cant be worse then me

ill redo the discord link once I no more school

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