Archer Cloak Should Be On The Head Instead Of Torso

Archer Cloak Should Be On The Head Instead Of Torso
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This is a pretty straightforward suggestion so I’ll keep it short. I know roblox’s catalog has the cloak accessory on the torso but you could easily change this in studio. The reason why it should be using the head placement instead of the torso? Look for yourself:

My bald head clips on the hood :sob:


Oddly specific suggestion but sure. Maybe this should be expanded to add a hide hair option in vanity.

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He would have to segment the cloak because then it’ll clip on through your body but this should still be added

you can already hide hair though



its better rn than having the cape fully clip through the torso, unless he manages to split the cape and the hood

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Yeah, if he cant separate the cape and hood then I can bear with the cape clipping but not the bald head :sob:

well why doesn’t he

sounds like a waste of time when round hoods and capes already exist
idk if he even knows how, and even then i doubt hed bother

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Idk why this shouldn’t be addrd

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