ArcJam! (March 30th - April 6th)

As most of you know, Arcane Odyssey will receive its much anticipated Nimbus Sea update on March 29th. Because of this, I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate vetex’s technical accomplishment with a Developer Jam!

For this Dev-Jam, anything goes! Whether it be games, art, music, animations, models, or anything in-between. Quality doesn’t matter, only that you enjoyed making it! Besides, we do of course need to spend time playing the new update :)

Everyone’s invited to participate in the event. The start date will be March 30th (the day after the update) and the end date will be April 6th. Can’t wait to see the wonderful works you all will create! :partying_face:


Sounds cool, but I’m not really sure what to draw. Does it just have to be anything related to Nimbus or Vetex?

this may just be the motivation I need

I mean probably not but it might

only issue is I have a mild amount of work done on it already

Nope! It could be anything, even a poorly drawn banana would work :)

Yeah that’s fine, just say (when you submit it) that you started a little bit before and we’ll still count it :+1:

i have no idea what the fuck to draw but maybe a creature idea i made for a completely different game?


are you gonna do smth

Sure hope people remember this

IS anyone working on something for this?

@WarmWater give me an idea of what to draw!

a tactical flying white eyes strike on Sameria

How did I JUST find out about this???
i shall full sprint these next 3 days to making something for this

I forgor, sorry :pensive:

I have been


Too tired to provide you with this.

But it will be soon.