Arcsphere value

How much are arcspheres/modified arcspheres worth nowadays? I currently have a crystalline arcsphere, frozen arcsphere and around 6 unmodified arcspheres (got lucky with a merchant deckhand)

Theyve dropped in value severely due to them being limited to certain magics. Glass mages for example would gladly use them but a wind user is way better off using something else. Unmodified arcspheres are basically worthless

Imo crystalline and frozen arcspheres are like 40k

Yeah I have light magic, so the crystalline arcsphere is particularly good for my build, but wind, crystal and a bunch of other magics all have terrible arcanium gear so I understand how it wouldn’t be valuable to them.

Also another thing that I sometimes wonder about it why basic combat gear and Argos gear have intensity when both Argos and basic combat doesn’t use intensity

:man_shrugging: not all stats make sense for their gear. Cernyx for example doesnt really have fast spells but his gear gives attack speed. As for arcanium and fighting style gear, those are supposed to make sense with their magic/fighting style so i have no idea why basic combat gear gives intensity

Or why crystal gives intensity too…

Crystal partially makes sense because the crystalline effect does require it to stack the effect three times, but in reality, it’s not enough to change anything

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