Are Combat Macros / Keybinds Allowed?

I dont mean like, automatic fishing macros that do stuff for you, i mean like setting keybinds and stuff on your mouse to use a move or something

Since Power Slider is also coming out, i was thinking that maybe in PVP, if you had like Healing Magic or something, and your ally needs a heal but not by much, you could set a keybind that would open up the power slider and set it to low power or something for you to heal the absolute minimum and not use as much magic energy
idk im not really sure how viable that would be

i don’t see why not

I was wondering since vetex kinda said that he wanted to ban macros, but he didnt specify what kind

I only use macros for buying items. Until you can type in how many items you want I will use macros to buy items. (mostly fish bait)

Mage’s using all of their 5 magics, 40 spells in combat:


i strongly doubt it + i dont see that being very viable

Doubt macros would be too viable given how loose and fluid AO/WoM combat is. You can’t program a combo or anything since, unless you get off a status that locks someone in place, it’s not garenteed to hit at all. Additionally these are very much something you can do on your own.

From my understanding fishing macros are banned because they present a clear advantage to those using them by making them allowed to fish 24/7, no breaks or pause needed, which is just not humanly possible.

Keybind/mouse binds don’t seem that big of a deal to me. Kind of just like what changing your mouse icon does, gives you a slight advantage via an out of game source. Anyone can do it though and if you have a mouse with extra buttons (or really a regular one if you wanna use the middle mouse button) I full on encourage you to use them as it makes blocking so much easier (imo anyways).

Overall they’re either completely worthless or a nice slice of life change. Nothing really too impactful about them in the game.


i set a click macro with a 0s delay and now i can click at over 300 cps. (i click so fast that clickspeedtest doesnt even count like half)
lunar client says so

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