Are deckhands randomly generated? How often?

I remember seeing a deckhand nicknamed The Viper when AO first released, she looked cool

Grinded fame and never saw her again when I met the requirements. While we’re at it how do you guys farm fame lol i keep getting assassinated. Will there be other ways to gain fame in the future?

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yeah they’re randomly generated


aw man

She asked me, will you remember me forever?
I said, yes.
She asked me, will you not recruit any other deckhands?
I said, yes.

My beloved Viper, a lovely jealous lady.
Never trusted all my whispers.
She has gone beyond the War Seas.
Making me unable to recruit again.


Start drawing nerd.

hey man be nice to me

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Love the fact hired deck hands will change their drip everytime you spawn ur ship, my usual fav drip is them wearing cool cloaks

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Oh they do?

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Ye, my deckhands drip changes everytime i respawn my ship sometimes they wear hat and cloaks and sometimes they dont

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It’s noticeable on certain deckhands more than others.
I have this one named Witt that always looks the same but has different weapons.
Then I have Hays, and she switches what armor she wears often. Sometimes she wears an iron chestpiece, other times she doesn’t and wears shoulderpads instead.
I think it just depends on what outfit and class the NPC is, and that’ll affect the randomization of their appearance every time you join a new server.

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