Are ragdolls unoptimized?

Every time I kill the weak npcs in a pirate ship my fps goes to shit until their ragdolls disappear, am I the only one with this issue?

i think that’s why ragdolls were removed for a while

The problem is, that could have just dissapeared right away, or fall through the ship. Because the lag is immense and its look stupid to see twitching corpses and weapons


I’ve also lost count of how many times I have died to berserker captains because they stun-locked me with m1s while my fps was reduced to jelly

the roblox engine cannot handle moving parts whatsoever, vetex had to remove unanchoring destruction and now he might have to remove ragdolls FUCK ROBLOX BRO.

Perhaps he could change it into the play-dead anim which would look slightly less funny

I feel like they should keep the animations but then should freeze in place after 2 seconds



imagine if they get stuck in the air that way lol

i know it removes the point of them being “rag dolls” but maybe he could make them a stationary part that can’t move, like bodies in phantom forces or something

I agree with this solely because phantom forces corpses are hilarious

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