Are rowboats Immune to White-eyes?

So as you do I was just sailing with my rowboat when I come across a white-eyes. I’m nearly certain my boat would’ve been destroyed if it had been anything other than a rowboat. Why is this?

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You better tell me why are you in middle of ocean with reinforced rowboat and deckhand?

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yea rowboats are unagroable by them

Its just me or they are too scared to attack reinforced caravel?

Because why not?


I wonder how your deckhand fells

Austin? I dunno, the +4 speed is nice though.

Ok but what would you do if sudennly brig sends airsttike at you?

the rowboat is so short cannonballs can’t hit it.

Airstrike? Welp I guess the boat gets sunk. 1700 hp isn’t much. (still more than base sailboat)

And rams can in-fact hit the rowboat but it is easy to maneuver.

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What about whirpools, rought water, tornados, and thunder that normally spawn in branze sea?

Just gotta avoid it. Rough water would end this 14% stability boat.

And there is no way its escaping a whirlpool. Haven’t tried though.

Welp good luck when vetex repairs sea monsters ai

I’m messing with the rowboat cause I got bored of using a ketch.

I would like to see you farming ships/cargo

its impossible to farm ships without canons. But you can still get sealed chests from diving spots.

I think white-eyes doesn’t aggro on rowboats because usually only brand new players would be using them and dying once they step off Dawn Island would not be a good experience.

Lol. Ive never seen a upgraded rowboat. Its a cool idea tho, imo

this reminded me of a suggestion about how rowboat speed should scale off strength

fuck yeah I wanna see berserker zooming around in rowboats

lol fr