Are there any good MMOs now a days?

While I was growing up my parents have mainly played mmos like wow and Warhammer online (Godspeed), but now a days mmos are rare, and the ones that are here are either fan created servers like star wars galaxies (emulator or legends), glorified collect-a-thons (looking at you wow with your 300+ mounts) or pay wall the game (oh hi swtor), now there are exceptions like guild wars and maybe black desert, but it’s mainly fan reborns or AAA, so are there any other good mmos, I’m just curious?

from what i’ve experienced, Kurtzpel’s slowly becoming not shit. make of that what you will :man_shrugging:

Eve online is a good mmo, literally everything in and about the game is made by other players. Although it kinda gets stale after a while, I’d highly recommend playing it.

apparently phantasy star online 2 is going worldwide soon
probably check it out when you have the chance

what’s an MMO

search it up yourself you lazy fuck


holy shit you have cool parents
but ngl, my dad grew up watching voltron so he’s pretty cool

what about mystera legacy?