Are war sea citizens naturally dumber than seven sea citizens?

Yeah so you know how we were originally going to have 3 minds?

You know how theos once said “everyone has 2 hidden minds that can be awakened?”?

Remember how everyone was only born with one?

Where am I ge- fuck this dropping the formalities

So uh people in AA were able to use 3 magics in the game AND for some of them, could use a fighting style and weapon combo to boot.

What I wanna know is why this concept got retconned and if big V made a lore reason for it yet.

For a place that seems all for being more magical than the seven seas it sure seems like there’s a lot less “magic” being thrown around nowadays

yes I know it’s because a 3 magic non mage should never touch the pvp community I just wanna know if it’s been explained in lore why being able to unlock all 3 minds has been locked to mages.

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Probably mostly just balancing reasons and a different RPG based direction this game went in.

I don’t think there’s a lore reason yet. In many ways, people of the War Seas are much more advanced than the Seven Seas, with imbuing and creating unique spells, as well as the immense diversity of magic in general. It could just be a different mentality to using magic.

The sea clusters are half a world away, so there’s almost no overlap or knowledge of each other, aside from the exceedingly rare traveler crossing the Dark Seas.


Peacekeeper lore wise was just max prestige savant who could maximise every stat.i dont think the average seven seas person could do the same as him


Yeah but Peacekeeper was already built different from most people anyways so I dunno how great of an argument that is

No, if anything the people here seem to be more open to trade and smarter overall. The real reason is that Vetex started to do balancing and threw away about 60% of Adventure’s Lore.

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the war seas builds are probably just more specialised and focused, so a mage’s 3 minds would be more powerful than a 7 sea’s 3 minds

Fighters in the war seas can do a lot of things that people of the 7 seas weren’t able to, such as the many unique uses of their magic aura (imbuing any fighting style or weapon with magic/FS). While it may have been more common to see a magic user in the 7 seas have all three of their minds unlocked in addition to a mastered fighting style and weapons, war seas people just have so many more applications of their power that not having 3 minds isn’t a setback


Wasn’t the AA protagonist just some ash floating out in the irradiated waters for thousands of years which then got accidentaly revived by Durza?

Nah he got turned into a Gold Fish by Durza’s first nuke, mutated into an Alpha White Eyes overtime, and then Durza accidentally turned him human again when reviving Ramses

Ah ok sorry i didnt realize Vetex retconned the origin story and turned peacekeeper into a disney prince.


Please come back on the discord Shadow we miss you (we dont)

I wouldn’t say dumber their dumber because of the less minds but it could be some sort of compensation for advanced magic and all that

It might be related to the fact that AA weapons and fighting styles used stamina, whereas AO weapons and fighting styles use a separate energy stat that they share with magic

I will after I move and ship up my pc (I will be banned from the disc a week after I return)

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