Are we allowed to talk about pirate party in game discussion?

basiclly what the title says.
sorry if i put this in the wrong category, idk if i should put this in off topic or site feedback.

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I dont see why not

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isn’t this forum for AO/WoM discussion

then it should be kept that way, no other game will be discussed there

it can also be for discussion of vetex’s other games, yknow.

really? didn’t know until now lmao

i meant it COULD

yeah thats true.
edit: nvm

really just seems to me that the category should remain WoM/AO discussion

Just incorporate Pirate Party into the Arcane Lore then boom

Game Discussion is for every single game that Vetex made so…yeah go ahead. Pirate Party is a game Vetex made therefore Pirate Party can be discussed in Game Discussion. (The real question is however, can Arcane Reborn be discussed in Game Discussion? I really don’t know, I really think of AA and AR as pretty much the same thing.)

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AR is pretty controversial to say the least. And Vetex has expressed his disapproval of the dev’s choices but nothing of them actually revamping the game.

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