Are weapons and magic too similar

I kinda had this thought at the back of my mind for a while after using some weapons. Musket felt like a superior beam, staff felt like a superior blast, rapier felt like a superior explosion in terms of speed and greatsword in terms of size and the lingering effect. too, and now javelin spell feels like a superior weapon throw.
Don’t get me wrong weapons do have their uniqueness with moves like katana’s flash strike, but the meta weapons sometimes feels like they’re better than magic in every way.

every single attack in the game is just “x attack but different” tho

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i get that its almost impossible to create entirely unique attacks into the game, but i’ve seen many warlocks and conjurer never even touch their magic attacks, as they have a better attack entirely (though im not sure why warlocks never use their magic there’s a pretty big difference between their attacks)

I mean imbuement is fairly strong and most people go conjuror/warlock just for the visuals

im going to have to stop you immediately to tell you that magic is just inherently better than weapons first off unless you’re full warrior

warlocks exist because of imbue, they don’t have to touch magic attacks when they deal double the damage and proc some bullshit synergy every hit

conjurer is pretty broad, my friend and i are light conjurers and he’s constantly using his magic over his weapons (it’s just better) whereas i use my weapons over magic (i lose more fights i just prefer weapons thematically)

it kind of comes down to your build

might be because some people go conjurer/warlock because they like magic weapons or magic punching

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musket is overtuned atm

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