Are you lgbtq gender/sexual?

  • yes
  • no

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and if so, which type of lgbtq gender/sexuality?

  • lesbian
  • gay
  • bisexual
  • trans
  • nb
  • ace
  • bigender
  • pan
  • all pronouns
  • other (specify in replies)
  • straight/cis (not part of lgbtq)

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Why do you need to know…?

just wanted to make this post after seeing bnt’s pronouns post

Still… It’s kinda private info

Anyone uncomfortable sharing can just not answer the poll.

But why HAVE the poll

yeah thats true
you can literally just ignore this post.
also, it wont be bad if you share your lgbtq gender/sexuality here cuz we wont be out here harassing or insulting you and be lgbtqphobic, infact, we will actually welcome you with open arms, unless you be out here being animesexual or dreamsexual.
and even if anybody on this forum insults you for being part of a lgbtq gender/sexuality, we will be here to back you up.

And the person insulting might get slapped by the mods.

I’ve seen gay parades straighter than this forum’s priorities

Also like… why are you asking? This isn’t exactly information people openly share to strangers


Yes & No

Depends on however I feel, I stopped giving a shit about having a particular “Identity” on most things ages ago.

My opinion can be summed up by a simple equation –
Me = Me

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I mean
I’m not sexual

demisexual lol

idek my sexuality and to be frank don’t care that much, it’ll reveal itself or smth when the time comes /shrug

Pretty much
I don’t really look towards having funny time tho

This is a weird question. I don’t know why I even answered the poll.

What priorities should this forum have? It’s literally a place to talk about an either developing revamp or a game with no content.

If this is information people want to disclose they can. It’s literally not forced. Nor is it even something you can be pressured into doing.

It would be different if I went in person and asked because then that puts pressure on the individual in question. This is something you choose to click on aimed at nobody in particular.


i’m horny


choosing yes and no means you prefer not to say :nod: