Armor Set Unique Effect

Armor Set Unique Effect
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Pretty much similar to how some mmorpgs give a unique effect to using all the set in an armor series. The reason for suggesting this is to give more possible playstyle aside from basing it in your average stat and class.

New Feature: Armor Set Unique Effects

  • Rare armors and rarities above it that aren’t used as vanity will now grant a unique effect if everything in the series is worn.

List of Unique Effects

  • Ravenna Noble Armor Set: Gives “Adrenaline” which upon receiving a fatal attack, gain 1% of your hp back. Indicated by the same thunder explosion that Elius gets whenever he enters 2nd phase.

  • Ravenna Apostle Gi Set: Gives “Brawler” which gives dazed status to your enemy upon continuously landing 4 attacks within 5 seconds and lasts for 3 seconds. Refreshes the status if activated again while still active and the status itself increases damage taken by 5%.

  • Lien Of Ravenna Set: Gives “Roar” which everytime you first land an attack to a player while out of combat would have their audio muffled with ringing and their screen slightly blurred, imitating a flashbang. Gives the same effect if chainmail is used instead.

  • Ravenna Fallen King Set: Gives “Royalty” which increases your luck by 5% while the whole set is worn. Allows you to normally wear your outfit in Ravenna without alerting the guards.

  • Cernyx’s Set: Gives “Sacrifice” which increases passive regeneration by 2.5% and health regained per kill by 5%. Allows you to not aggro cultists while the whole set is worn.

  • Sunken Iron Armor Set: Gives “Float” which allows you to have bubbles easily lift you up whenever space is held underwater while the whole set is worn.

  • Sunken Warrior Armor Set: Gives “Rush” which allows you to dash while underwater while the whole set is worn.

  • Vatrachos Armor Set: Gives “LIfesteal” which gives 1% of max health upon landing a successful hit on the enemy.

  • Theurgist Robe Set: Gives “Holy” which permanently gives clearsight 3 effect while the whole set is worn. The status itself would not show up in the bottom right and gets overwritten when a real clearsight potion above its tier was drank.

Of course it could be different but the main idea is pretty much give armor series a unique effect. I’m just limited to what I could think of by limiting my imagination to what I know in the game so yeah…


I actually really like this, i really like the idea of incentives to run a specific set, though the vat set one should be different imo

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oh hell nah m8, other than that its seems decently okay, maybe except calvus but ig 5% aint that much

Idk tbh, I didnt really give much thought in dark sea sets since it’s kinda hard to think of stuff related to the dark sea aside from holy, unless there’s some sort of lore which vetex didnt publicly tell, as indicated by some structures and symbols

I based it on how much Calvus wants everything. I thought of greed but being someone of royalty status already grants greed

As someone who runs the full apostle set, I must vote for this. But seriously, there needs to be more incentive to wear a full set.

idk about mst of these, if armor sets ever give a bonus i’d rather it apply very loosely to only a handful of sets, not every single rare and beyond lol, but I heavily agree with some armors/ sets giving you bonuses so you can take my vote

So Sunken Iron effect is trash while Sunken Warrior’s is very usefull, sounds fair

personally don’t like it, would filter too many people into samey loadouts. also the fuck vetex supposed to do after the 50th set that exists?? i’d already run dry on ideas after like 20 or smth lol

also some of these ideas are just not it, this would literally just make both sunken sets dogshit unless you somehow expecting to fight in the water lol

Making a new effect for every bloody boss set in the game will be virtually impossible. Also, almost nobody uses a complete boss set, as that would leave one lacking defense (unless you use Argos, but then you have intensity :nauseated_face:)

it’s nice being able to just change some items to then atleast have SOME defense (for example), but with this system you’d kinda be more forced to just give up that aspect if the effect is good.

you can just run full armored on the set idiot

are you perhaps mentally challenged


I think this would be better suited for gems or something, like rare gems that instead of a stat boost give these instead. Hell I could imagine some of these being potions instead (like adrenaline, literal drugs).

My man loses a limb every time an Atlantan M1s him. :sob:

Requiring a full set for an effect reduces build variety by putting people who tinker with multiple sets at a disadvantage.

Im not a fan of these effects either, could be gems or attached to individual pieces of armor instead.


another fucking nightmare for build making

What about legendary maid set?