Armor weight

Make the armor have weight, the more defense they give the heavier they are, it would also shorten the length of dash and the height of super jump (t jump). Defense stat is just really good without any drawbacks, this would prevent tanks to become super meta later on, as people would have to really think about it when going too tanky

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this sounds good for balancing defense, but this is also a suggestion i believe. so… oof

Eh idk, defense is way too basic of a stat for it to be the only one with a drawback. If anything, full power sounds scarier in the future.
Yes, I know there’s literally a stat named drawback, but its whole purpose is being annoying (like insanity). The point of drawback is that items with it have a high amount of others stats, but its not included with drawback specifically

Also suggestions are closed and forbidden for now

Seem like a decent drawback for stupidily overpowered armor

I think Defense should just be

Less powerful

Or result in less HP regeneration.

Adding an inherent drawback that can interfere with mobility to a base level stat does not seem like a very fitting way to deal with something overpowered especially when no other stats will get this same or even a similar treatment.

Also this is a suggestion bypass but ok

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