Armour build help

I am a light conjorour who wants a speed build with decent power, agility and defense. Is this build good ?

I’m not gonna use sunkens but I’ll use pretty much anything else



im not an professional, but i guess you could change the titanium helmet to an agility or attack speedamulet


decent build, its pretty good for a build that is not using sunkens

Should i get rid of some agility for more attack speed/power/defense?

Is this build any better?


Avoid using titanium stuff. Even a defense amulet would be better than that, you’d just be losing the slight buff from having no gems. Personally I would recommend a cernyx chestplate and amulet. With some armored, that should just about cover you for defense.

This is what I would do. If you have a modified arcsphere or arcmancer hat, replace the bracelet with that. The pants will also be best if modified. The ones you will want will be blasted, crystalline, or frozen. Archaic could also work if you want to replace the attack size gems with speed gems.

That isan, tho is there anything i can replace the calvus chest plate with? If not then that’s ok but it just seems a bit confusing to me to put that on there

I put calvus on there because it’s more efficient than other boss drops and the size it gives evens out the lost size from light arcanium. You can change it if you want though.