Art of Order and guilds

The Art of Order is a primordial magic that has some interesting abilities. Here is how it is decribed within the World of Magic trello.

Art of Order - Attacks deal heavy damage to players that are the opposite reputation of the . caster, and no damage to players of similar reputation. Attacks cost lots of energy to use and have a long cast time. When this magic deals damage, it slightly altars the reputation of the target with each hit, raising it if the target is evil or lowering it if the target is good. This magic appears the same color as the user’s first magic.

You can find this listed here

Now this raises the questions how it will affect guilds during battles. As you may or may not know when a guild member changes their reputation to the opposite that their guild that member is automatically kicked, so will the art of order be a weapon of mass destruction for guilds too look out for or will Vetex put a system in place that makes it so that this will not be a problem. This post was created so that you can speculate in the comments about how this will work, or a tester, developer, ect, could stomp on this post by blatantly listing how it will work, however I’m sure none of us will be complaining if they do! :smile:

Pretty sure Art of Order would cap you at 0 rep, so you won’t get kicked unless you raise/lower your rep by yourself after that.

That could still cause some problems if a group of dark guild members and magic council are in the mix and a light guild member at the neutral reputation hits one of those magic council and are put below the light reputation, however that is all hypothetical and if that is how it works it maybe Vetex should list that within the primordial magics description

Well it’s far from being made so it’s not necessary to develop how it may work in the future if it can easily come out in a year or more.

I don’t think there will be enough energy/time that you can use the magic enough to lower near neutral.

If I remember correctly switching sides of reputation will be harder so when you join a guild, I assume you will have a good amount of bad/good rep already so you can use a few spells.