Art of the Minotaur from World of Magic

I can’t draw arms don’t judge :frowning_face:


straight :fire:

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Huhuhuhu, This drawing of yours for me? I cannot express my gratitued towards you. However, I must not let any witness, so prepare to die.

this lit

he lost both of his arms in the war


This has got to be the best piece of art I’ve ever laid my eyes upon.

Moments before you lose your head to limb loss

Now do one Exiled and make an alt with it as your pfp. Call the alt rb1 and go on to get banned, before spending the next few years haunting the forums with alts, take a bit of a break with the wiki, then create another wave of alts and call it the RBpocalpse.



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i am still traumatized by that time he used axe throw like 6 times in a row… my poor health bar…

there are knowledge best left unknown, this is one of them