Art Set Thing: Iris

(I have returned at last :] went on a big hiatus because my hand brain decided to hyper fixate on other games n stuff… Here is some art of the arson lady. I probably should’ve made the magic circles a red orange color…)

(Was going to add text in the image but didn’t)

(Here it is without the border)

And here is the silly little goob


-I’m probably going to make art ‘sets’ of the other characters and also post my random goob Ocs…

-Took about I think 8-7 hours to finish both art pieces most of the time was spent on the card…

-Now that Nimbus Sea is out I can draw more goobs and get more ideas >:] and not go on a hiatus again

-Is it a bit goofy to say I couldn’t draw most of the cannon characters because I just couldn’t get them right :skull:, you don’t want to know what happened when I tried to draw Calvus or Julian… Poor bros hairline was destroyed by me…

-Hope you enjoyed the art :>




Good to see you back again to this forum! hope you doing well and enjoy your time here.

The Temperance

Thanks! I’m doing well so far, glad to be back :]

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It’s our favorite little spicy girl!