Artisan Weapons and 3rd awakenings for Mage and Berserker

How will Artisan Weapons work? Will they be customizable in a way or will there be an artisan weapon for every weapon type? Surely Mages and Berserkers would get better things to work with instead of just a 3rd fighting style? Why cant you just pull a Theos and just refine your art to make it more lethal?

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The main thing for mage and berserker is they’ll be able to have either 2 lost or 1 lost and primordial magic/style in which we still aren’t sure if primordial will be exclusive to full magic or strength. That and your magic/style tiers will be at least 1 higher than every other build

But hey something could change for 3rd awakening mages & berserkers

Lost magics, ancient magics, lost fighting styles, lost spells, ancient spells, lost techniques, ancient techniques (?), upgradable fighting styles:

Also, arcanium weapons and strength weapons for hybrids too, almost forgot about them

Anyway, honestly, I have not really put much thought into artisan weapons, would be cool to give them customisability like magic and fs, though


Im pretty sure the skill point requirements alone will end up making some things pure build only.

Exactly! Upgradable fighting styles would be legendary! Minds being used to really just spec into a magic would be sweet too, like evolving basic gives you better raw stats, and using all 3 minds for basic combat would give you it’s evolved or mastered variant, it’s just gonna suck when weapon builds are gonna be the only ones that have actual direct upgrades to their gameplan per awakening

If i remember correctly then first magics will be somehow upgradeable.
As for fighting styles there was also something that would upgrade them.

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Thats pretty hype, now I have something to hope for, I dont mind Artisan weapons having some sort of customizability to them, the progression for warrior is just hoping the weapons you get are better than the one you had before, mastery for weapons maybe?


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