Artists I have a question

What do you guys use to make your art? Tell me everything like what type of equipment you use and what you actually do to make your art.

Well, when I began my career as a WoM artist, I was using Paint, Paint 3D, and Powerpoint. Best programs out there. I did this all with my trusty mouse too.

A friend introduced me to Pixlr about a week or two later. I began using that program along with Powerpoint for effects.

Now, I am using a Pro and am able to draw with a pen. I downloaded the app “Procreate” which is great in my opinion. I probably will stick with it for a good while.

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I like to doodle time from time and what I usually use is Krita with a drawing tablet/pen along with Photoshop for any touches of details I wanna include

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as a broke artist i use a sketchbook and pencil for traditional art, and ibispaint x on my phone with a finger lmao

hoping to upgrade my digital tools soon though so i can make better art haha

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pen and paper

I use the Procreate App for my iPad with an Apple Pencil. These can be expensive, so if you’re a minor I recommend asking for it for an event like Christmas.

In terms of brushes I used the technical pen for line work and sketching. For coloring I used the jagged brush, salamanca, tamar, or spectra depending on the texture. The old and dry brushes worked well for adding fur highlights and shading. The elements section also has really nice base brushes. Spraypaints like the medium and fat nozzle are good for stars and galaxies, same with flicks. I use flare for stars, as well as the light pen and brush for glowing things. Nebula is really nice for space things too.

This set is free to download, but I now use the Sharp Inker for human works. I recommend having a certain pressure curve for this one or else you’ll be flipping from max to minimum a lot.

I primarily use the painting brush and sampled brush 17 3 in the Aaron Griffin brushes (free).

I also have all his other brush packs, but they’re not necessary. You can search for it on artstation, there’s a link to his gumroad.

Windseeker on Instagram has decent scale brushes, but I’d recommend you refer to her art to see where she uses them.

Flora (also good for painting)

One that I like to have but still wouldn’t recommend is the Visual Timmy XL Brush pack. I only really use the space textures for things like stars.

For traditional I just use a 0.7mm-0.3mm mechanical pencil and Prismacolor pencils. Any paper works, but I usually do so in sketchbooks.


Painting Brushes

I’m not a good painter, but everything in the Elementals series is drawn with the painting brushes and a mix of Visual Timmy’s

Traditional works

Sharp Inker Pressure Curve

(normal brushes)

Sharp Inker (a little exaggerated)

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a mouse and Fire Alpaca for the art program

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I use pencil, draw traditionally
then take a picture of it with my phone, and upload it into paint tool saiv2
then I do lineart tools over it, fix that up, then add color/shading

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in all seriousness, I do go and use pen and paper, however occasionally I’ll be extra fancy and steal my sister’s tablet and make one of those makeshift Q-Tip/Cotton Swab styluses to draw with.
they aren’t good and the drawings have since been deleted, but if you have a large touchscreen and don’t have money for a plastic pen, I’d advise you use that method.

I’m still surprised that you use a mouse for your work. They’re better than what I can do with a pen. But understandably, you’d used it for a long time and been drawing longer than me.

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Same, I thought she was joking

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Thanks for the help, I tried to learn how to draw earlier this year but I gave up for some reason.

It’s hard to get into if you didn’t start early, but certainly not impossible

O big recommendie to get into events like Smaugust (not Inktober, f that) that give you a prompt to work with everyday

I sort of used the Elementals to do that instead of Smaugust for some reason

Practice practice practice is what many would say. Consistency will improve your art. Even little doodles a day.

I hope that if you want to, you’ll get back into it

ive never really gotten into art but i just use paint 3d and either my finger or my mouse, which im still unstable

I usually draw traditionally but now days I just draw digitally. I use ibispaint x and a stylus to draw other than that it’s fire alpaca and my xp pen G60 although I haven’t felt motivated to use it since I’m not use to it yet , and my art sucks 100 x more on there.

I only use pencil and eraser sometimes using a cheap small 12 set Faber-Castell coloring pencil

that’s it really

i just use roblox freedraw and the art isnt half bad

All my drawings, yes, including my NSFWs one us all made in Medibang Paint and I use a Veik A50 tablet to draw

pencil, paper, and tears