Artists of the forums please lend me your wisdom

Hhhhhhhhh I drew a thing, now artists please tell me how to get better yes



just draw

  1. draw
  2. look at other’s drawings and feel depressed and self-conscious about much of a failure you are not only at art but at everything else as well
  3. cry
  4. say “fck it” and keep going
  5. repeat
  6. profit

hope this help :nod:
joke aside just pratice lol, it takes time

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hi I make music
do more stuff I guess?
Practice makes perfect

ok now that’s a broad one but i could give you some ideas on what to practice/look up

i have no idea what are you interested in next sooo

art fundamental stuff

  • drawing lines, like line weight, line quality, stuff
  • shapes/shading/forms

make the character look more human:

  • human proportions
  • anatomy (or at least how to break down/simplify anatomy)

also another thing I’m sure is equally important is staying sane/happy/not suffer while balancing art practicing, so yea keep that in mind

i could try suggesting better stuff if you have ideas of any specific parts you want to improve

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i dont quite know how to make them look like actual humans but i somewhat tried

it’s really the hands and stuff that i can’t get but tell me whatever else looks odd that needs improving

human anatomy might be something you’d want to try looking into, if it’s that

for hands, hmm…

you know those hand tutorials that look sorta like this? (like the kind that uses shapes n stuff to block out hand parts)


you might want to try looking at your hand, try to figure out the simple shapes/skeleton looking structure
i find it easier to start/practice drawing the palm part


i guess the arma and legs are wonky too

oh now that you point that out, you might want to consider practicing structure first, then practice adding the meat/muscle later

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… out of all my years of sketching… ok so… practice

  • the torso looks too… angular?
  • the hat should be placed in a better position
  • the shoulders need to be higher, they are important when you are deciding what the arm position is
  • the spacing between the arms is unnatural
  • the hands… a bit uneven
  • the legs look a bit… too big at the top

i tried to simplify my explanation so it makes sense, all i can say is practice is needed

lol, thats my constructive critisism

yeahh i didn’t quite draw the hat at the right angle but i fixed it in a newer drawing. as for the rest i’m probably just gonna have to look at human anatomy to make it look natural

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welp, there was an attempt


you could also practice drawing the letters of the alphabet in ASL. i heard someone say that and its pretty genious.

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yo this one actually intrigued me

sounds like a way to practice drawing hand poses (or at least, get ideas for the hands)


Draw overglorified stickment and “flesh” them out.

better, way better