Ass or Pass: Cooking Association

do not question the cooking association or this goose will send you to eternal damnation

anyways all 3 categories passed


I’m questioning it because you told me not to

StarForDays’ body was never found.

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i found one piece of his atom now i gotta search for the other 4.10^43 (actually just a random number) of his atom

how dare you discover his atom
this will be you once you wake up from your next sleep



Noober’s body was never found.

Ass lol

Honest question: Will cooking still be in the game? The game seems to be a lot more linear assuming that it follows a structure similar to that of AA. Not sure how hunger could work in such.


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in my opinion I think it should be removed and kept. I don’t really have a solid opinion on this. I personally like cooking in games, but, I don’t really see how it fits AO


duck can send me to eternal damnation

Cooking IS fun, but yeah, and considering I believe most animals are either dead or Vetex is too lazy to animate them, not likely, even factoring in fish.

Who is that

every guild is an ass. there’s no pass whatsoever.


Woah. That did say a lot about the Warsaw Pact, and the Soviet Union. Very informative! Thanks Cat_Bread, I learned something new today!

yo sause?