At what point should I just stop investing into agility and attack speed?

My currently planned build has around 90 agility and 165 attack speed. I was wondering if I put too much in my agility or attack speed. I dont want those stats to be lowered down bc I saw a snow conjurer with a REALLY fast piercing gale and i saw other pvp youtubers with that too. I have a wind conjurer, so PROBABLY I dont have to use that much speed in my build compared to a snow conjurer

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any points into agility or attack speed is a waste!! only invest in intensity and defence like real Arcane Oddyseyers.

(As long as you don’t really care about the instant t jump, this amount of agility is perfectly fine, since teleport dashes(wind) don’t scale that well with agility anyway. the amount of attackspeed is pretty good tho, as long as you have decent power and defence as well.)

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never give up, never back down

70-90 agility enough
any higher than that and you have annoying stamina management (100 is still acceptable but eh)
you can never have too much attack speed
unless you need size or primary stats

100 of each?
Well the sunken warrior gives lots of atkspd so no need for atkspd enchants… No need to focus on them, just subtly use stuff that coincidently has agi and atkspd.
Yea that’s why power and defense are the meta stats
Unless u want the funny 200 agi.

Whatever you feel is right

There isn’t any real break points besides 201

For the T-jump and for some styles of TP dodging

Me personally? Plan on staying at 200 for the foreseeable future inless there is a new breakpoint