Atk speed nerf

I’ve never practiced pvp so I better start ig

Wait, where’s the balance patch? I always have issues finding these.

Also on note, I thought he reverted the changes to all stats but attack size earlier. Did he do it again?

If you can’t find anyone on discord, you can always just go to meunera garden to see if anyone is currently fighting.

check the public balance discord

Because attack speed is currently exponentiel (more and more effective)

I gotta say, they really should just delete all stat builds and make everything cosmetic to keep things fair and balanced


It would be way easier than torturing vetex with 3,625 balance changes every patch

ik but diversity after that it would be bland

lol? You know, there was hundreds of changes planned for the mini-update, 90% of them were backburned by the balance team so Vetex didn’t have too much work, AND EVEN THEN, he ignored nearly everything, basically nothing made it in.

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Exactly :confounded: might as well solve the problem permanently by removing all balancing in the first place (the problems will still exist)

There’s two games being made - the story based adventure rpg and the combat based, uh, balanced (trying and failing) combat game

And the only developer cares solely for the first part

The problem will never be solved without proper intervention(?)

As a small-time game developer, I can attest that balancing sucks ass if you don’t give a shit about it

but he’s not logical, he says he wants world pvp to be a thing? But doesn’t wanna balance it???

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this is literally counter-intuitive with the logarithmic scaling they implemented
what the fuck are they doing
Inferno must’ve gotten mad after losing a fight again.


It was changed from logarithmic to less logarithmic, and it’s broken now

Inferno ragequit the balance team (again) a few weeks agk

is it just me or do formulas for things in this game seem needlessly complicated

we dont even know them, i think only balance team or testers know about it and i dont think they are allowed to tell it