Atk speed nerf

i swear if that makes my high atk speed investment to suck im going back to a heavy power and defense stat

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-Nerf armor defense, change sub stats calculation
-high-invest sub stat builds become too powerful
-nerf size
-nerf agility
-nerf atk speed
-player goes back to power defense meta
-buff sub stats again

the cycle continues…


simple solution: dont jump builds, focus on a stat you like and master it to the point people fear you(edgy but idc)

One must imagine minmaxers happy…


they never nerfed agility or atk size, atleast not the 20% reduction (i think in affectiviness), same for atk speed, but atk speed must be the less problematic, cause u know, a hitbox as big as munera or going through dark sea and arriving in nimbus sea isnt as problematic as high atk speed

i just finished my build

so unless it fucks up incredly badly, i might as well switch to a heavy power and defense one

Agility effectiveness got reduced by 25%

Atk speed is pretty good actually. I fought a dude with atk speed vindicator and he just use devastate everytime he decided to erase all projectiles on the field while having zero to no endlag at all. Oh and yeah, you don’t want to be hit by fast crushing judgement.

i mean i still dont have problems with vindicator even with atk speed but i guess it can throw people off

I don’t care what happens.

Im still going Max Atk Spd and nobody but RNG can slow me down!

Just like stat builds

Stat build is too op nerf stat build and buff other under performing stat builds Buffed stat build is too op nerf Buffed stat build and buff the nerfed stat build Buffed stat build becomes meta again (The cycle continues)

next update: remove attack speed stat

ngl from all the scrapped 20% nerf, atk speed being first put back was the least one i expected

yeah always thought if any substats get nerfed first it would be magic size

Here you go

Honestly, attack speed didn’t even feel that busted when compared to attack size.

attack speed is pretty useless if you can’t aim tbh

the most im willing to go with atk size is this cancerous build to force people to parry and take their out of jail free card away

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How good is it on mages cause I have like 250 rn

Pretty good if you can land attacks like beam and blast